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Double D Ranch

Mavericks of Santa Fe, 80 East San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

About Double D Ranch

The apparel line has been called Western haute couture. But think about these humble beginnings and decide for yourself just how haute these four girls from Yoakum, Texas really are.

THE MEXICAN BUS TRIP - It all started with the McMullen sisters and a rickety bus ride filled with chickens and dogs from Laredo, Texas to Taxco, Mexico in search of authentic silver buttons, then sending a check for $5000 to that shady button merchant who could very well have taken the money and run, to landing in New York at 3 a.m. with $200 in your purse, no place to stay and no idea who could put an Indian blanket design on wool. How haute is this? Riding spread-eagle on the back of a pickup, holding down bundles of cut Indian blanket coats as you drive through San Antonio going from cutter to the sewing factory.

GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN - Today, when you stop by the Double D Ranch corporate offices in Yoakum, Texas, you won't find the stereotypical fashion house. Cheryl has her bare legs propped up to the design table sketching a new collection. Margie will be fresh out of her garden thumbing through invoices, but already planning what she'll serve the office for lunch. Hedy might be buried under a shipment of fur. Sorting out the pieces that don't meet her standards. And you'll find Audrey in a fitting session, scanning the month's order forms, while seamstresses tuck and pin around her. They're just four regular girls from Yoakum, building on their hard working Texas roots and a childhood spent in the Southwest. They don't care how things are done in New York. They've managed to build a fashion and furnishing company deep in the heart of Texas and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Double D Ranch started in 1989 as Double D Ranchwear. The Double D stands for Doug and daughters. The "wear" was dropped when they added the home furnishings collection. The company has grown to the point that Cheryl no longer has to ride a bus in to Mexico to find the right buttons. Now button and fabric designers come to see her and help her find what she needs. But Cheryl hasn't forgotten that it all started in a garage in Yoakum, Texas.