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David Smith

Mavericks of Santa Fe, 80 East San Francisco St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

About David Smith

The story of 'david smith' is the road less taken, the adventure of being different, and the dream of creating something new from an idea.

The idea took shape from desperate times and manifested via a Kombi VW and tens of thousands of miles.

Countless hours of design and door knocking forged a brand full of promise, but rejected by the mass producers of the Far East.

A revolutionary manufacturing concept beginning in Australia, linked to Fiji, Bali and the British looms of India, saw the brand grow and establish itself as a significant part of the Fashion Industry of Australasia.

Quality and professional manufacturing processes are key to 'david smith' products.

'david smith' is a family owned company with all designs personally created by a supercharged husband and wife team.

The company has grown a subsidiary organisation in the US, and growth of the product is organic, and develops where there is friendship and a harmony of relations between customer and reseller.

The brand is linked to the colours of Australia, freedom of expression, and the surprise of the new.

Do not expect to find us everywhere or in major retailers, this is not part of the brand philosophy.

Purchase of a 'david smith' product is an act of exclusivity, and a participation in art. This is the core of the ‘david smith’ design philosophy.